Sunflowers' cooking classes are informative, hands-on, interactive, delicious evenings! Part of the fun is getting to know some great chefs and foodees.

Here are classes that are scheduled for 2016. We will be adding more as we get confirmation from the instructors (some will be in the evening).

Linda Stavely Tues Feb 16 11am-1pm
In one hour create a memorable feast to share with others: Scallop Seviche, Coq au vin with dried fruit, Roasted Asparagus and Parmesan, and Chocolate Mousse for dessert. Learn time management and culinary preparations to create this meal.

Linda Stavely Tues Mar 22 11am-1pm
Jacques Pepin is one of our mentors - his fresh flavors and his love of simple good food are so inspiring! We will create a meal with his recipes and techniques: Souffle au Fromage (Cheese Souffle), Steak au Poivre (Pepper Steak), Choux Fleurs au Gratin (Cauliflower au gratin) and Platee de Pommes au Caramel (Caramelized Apples).

Sherry Belotti Tues April 12, 7 - 9 pm KNIFE MAGIC  $57.
Prepping for a meal is much faster and efficient if you are using the correct knife and the right cuts. In this class, participants will learn and practice the four basics: julienne, brunoise, mince and dice; learn to maintain your knives at home and we’ll all share a meal together using the foods we dice and mince in class.

Linda Stavely Tues Apr 19 11am-1pm
Celebrate the greening of our world with the foods of spring: Veal Ragout, Asparagus with flavored sauces, Duck and Dandelion Green Salad, Rhubarb Strudel

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"I learned so much in the limited time we had! I've been baking breads for some time but never had a 'hands-on' class from a true craft-person."
Willard from Dublin

"I enjoyed each class and feel they were very worthwhile...The main benefit was a huge increase in my confidence level. I can make bread!"
Cindy from Marlborough

"Just wanted to say thank you for offering the wonderful pie class. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially enjoyed working in a "real restaurant kitchen." It was a special  experience. We're looking forward to making some Thanksgiving pies together."
Caren from Rindge

Making turtles


Sauce Class - Making Hollandaise!

The class gives it a try

Dorry Richmond delights students with her Moroccan class!

Making samosas

Valentine Sweets make us smile!

Braiding Nisu dough
photo by Amanda Borozinski

Linda Stavely
has been the premier caterer in the Monadnock area as well as operating several culinary businesses in the last 40 years in the region. Linda has traveled and studied in France, Italy, Mexico, the Middle East and the Caribbean, as well as studying at the Vermont Culinary Center. She has worked with Julia Child when she visited Dublin in the 90's! She is currently writing her first book on her food, travel and catering adventures.

Sherry Hughes Belotti is a well known food journalist and blogger, cook, writer and teacher.  Sherry has just completed a course with flying colors at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and has been asked to stay on as a teaching assistant.  Her food philosophy is that there is nothing better than fresh food, prepared well and shared with others... and she always has fun while pulling it all together. 

Amy Stodola is Sunflowers' pastry and dessert baker. If you have been to our restaurant you have tasted Amy's bars, cookies and pies, as well as crème brûlée, cheesecakes and cakes. Amy has taught several pies and tarts classes here with great success and this time will be sharing her cake-baking expertise.

Dorry Richmond is a member of the prestigious Culinary Guild of New England. She formerly owned the Codfish Aristocracy Restaurant and La Gelateria Doriti in Portsmouth. She was also the founder and President of Doriti Gelato and is currently the Proprietor of Doriti Ltd. Foods. Dorry's unique knowledge of international foods and her unique teaching style make her classes an evening to remember!

Kate Thomas bakes bread several times every week for her family from her spacious kitchen in Fitzwilliam. She has dealt with the successes and disappointments in working with live yeast, flour, salt and water! If you have attended this popular class before and want a refresher, Kate always has new tips to share as well as an uncanny ability to help you relax about the process.

Victor Beguin was born in Paris and raised in South Africa. He grew up on Swiss and American food, and African-style outdoor cooking. He went on to study many types of cooking - especially Indian in the early years - and subsequently world cuisine, restaurants and catering, nutritional ecology, sustainable organic food production, food formulation, writing, and marketing. Victor has his own catering business and is currently chef at High Mowing in Wilton.